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XI. Anti-Discrimination, Harassment (Including Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stalking), and Retaliation Panel (“Anti-Discrimination Panel”)

The Anti-Discrimination Panel, which includes the Title IX Coordinator, is a diverse group of individuals composed of Adelphi employees who have been selected and trained on issues related to this Policy.

Among other responsibilities, each individual of the Anti-Discrimination Panel may assume the following roles:

  • Meet with individuals who allege that they have been the victim of discrimination, harassment (including sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking), and retaliation;
  • Discuss appropriate next steps;
  • Refer the complainant to the appropriate resources for assistance;
  • Serve as an investigator;
  • Serve on an Appeal Panel only if he or she has not been previously involved as an investigator in the case.

The Title IX Coordinator will serve as the Coordinator of the Anti-Discrimination Panel and will assure that Panel members do not serve in conflicting roles in the same complaint. In cases of allegations involving the Coordinator, the Coordinator will be recused from the Panel, and the Director of Employment, Employee and Labor Relations will fill the Coordinator’s role until the complaint is resolved. Any panelist subject to accusations under this Policy will also be recused during the resolution of the complaint. The Title IX Coordinator will keep other Panel members informed of recent legal decisions and other related issues, assure that each member has been appropriately trained before assuming active membership on the panel, and update and disseminate the Policy.

The following are the names and contact information of the Anti-Discrimination Panel members to whom complaints or concerns may be directed. This list is subject to change:

Fabian Burrell
Coordinator for Programming and Community Engagement, African, Black and Caribbean Studies
Alumnae Hall
p – 516.877.4979
e –

Lucinda Donnelly
Chief Human Resources Officer
Levermore Hall, Room 203
p – 516.877.3268
e –

Joseph De Gearo
Interim Dean of Student Affairs
University Center, Room 308
p – 516.877.3654
e –

Jane Fisher
Director, Employment, Employee and Labor Relations
Levermore Hall, Room 203
p – 516.877.3222
e –

Renaire Frierson
Title IX Coordinator and Director Equity and Compliance
Levermore Hall, Room 207
p – 516.877.4819
e –

Margaret Gray
Associate Professor, Political Science Department
Blodgett Hall, Room 202D
p – 516.877.4589
e –

Carol A. Lucas, PhD, LCSW
Interim Associate Dean 
p – 516.877.3154
e –

Perry Greene
Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
Levermore Hall, Room 101
p – 516.877.4041
e –

Natalie Johnson
Title IX Compliance Investigator and Trainer/OD Specialist
Levermore Hall, Room 207
p – 516.877.8694
e –

Anthony Maldonado
Human Resources Partner
Levermore Hall, Room 203
p – 516.877.3223
e –

James McGowan
Executive Director of Off-Campus Administration
Levermore Hall, Room 303L
p – 516.877.3162
e –

Ruth McShane
Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Science Building, Room 127
p – 516.877.4121
e –

Guy Seneque
Director of Residential Life and Housing
Earle Hall A, Room 100
p – 516.877.3651
e –

Adam Visconti
Associate Director of Residential Life and Housing
Earle Hall A, Room 100
p – 516.877.3671
e –


For further information, please contact:

Office of Human Resources
p – 516.877.3220
e –

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