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Advanced Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Certificate for Students

The Advanced Sexual Assault  Awareness and Prevention (ASAAP) Certificate is designed to enhance student awareness and prevention of sexual misconduct, relationship violence and stalking. Through case studies, group discussions and collaborative teaching, students will be provided with a structured environment to empower them to become active members of the prevention community. Participants will be encouraged to use critical thinking and challenge their own ideas.

Participants must attend five workshops and one University sponsored event to become certified. Each workshop will be facilitated by two experienced professionals. Workshops will include presentations, interactive discussions and role playing exercises. Presentations will be tailored to the University experience. Workshops will be offered once per semester and must be taken consecutively. The University sponsored events will be related to the topics discussed in the five workshops.

CertificatE Goals

  • To gain an understanding of the University’s obligations, policies and procedures under Title IX, NY Education Law Article 129-B and the Campus SAVE and Clery Acts.
  • To learn what type of behavior constitutes sexual harassment (including sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking) and retaliation.
  • To empower, inspire and motivate students to take action when faced with potential acts of sexual assault, dating/domestic violence or stalking.
  • To learn effective communication skills and practice positive emotional expression.
  • To recognize and describe healthy relationship characteristics and differentiate unhealthy relationships.
  • To build emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills.
  • To discover and connect with Adelphi University campus resources and assist with outreach, programming and prevention.

CertificatE Requirements

  1.  Participation: Students are expected to respectfully contribute their ideas and ask questions during each workshop.
  2. Attendance:  Participants are expected to attend all workshops and one of the following University sponsored events:
    1. Take Back The NightApril 19
    2. QPR Training for Suicide Prevention* – March 23 or April 18
    3. Red Watch Band Training* – March 28, April 11 or  April 26

 Workshops will be offered once per semester. Each student must complete the workshops within the academic semester.
*Registration is required. See

Certificate Completion

Upon completing the requirements, students are eligible for the following opportunities:

  1. Advanced Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention (ASAAP) Certificate
    Participants who attend all workshops earn an ASAAP Certificate.  
  2. ASAAP Peer Advisor
    Peer Advisors will assist the workshop facilitators during the workshop sessions.
  3. Title IX Student Advisory Committee
    The Title IX Student Advisory Committee will consist of undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about Title IX’s mission. It will be student-chaired and focus on areas of prevention, awareness, campus outreach and programming. The committee will work closely with the Title IX Office.

Workshop Outline

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Spring 2017 Workshop Topics

Workshop 1

Awareness and Prevention: Sexual Assault and Affirmative Consent
This workshop will survey Title IX, NY Education Law Article 129-B (Enough is Enough), Campus SAVE and Clery Acts and explore such topics as affirmative consent, amnesty in reporting, differences in the criminal justice system and University disciplinary proceedings and the Student Bill of Rights.

Workshop 2

The Cycle of Violence: Stalking and Dating Violence
Students will learn to recognize and respond effectively to emotional, verbal and sexual abuse in intimate relationships, as well as the warning signs of stalking. Participants will learn strategies to assist those affected by intimate partner dating violence and stalking. The workshop includes a presentation, interactive discussion and case studies.

Workshop 3

Healthy Relationships
This workshop will explore effective communication, boundary setting and conflict resolution strategies. Role playing and case scenarios will encourage participants to confront difficult situations and learn language and methods of de-escalation.

Workshop 4

Bystander Intervention
This workshop explores some common barriers to intervention. Participants learn strategies for effective intervention and assistance. The workshop consists of a short presentation and interactive role playing.

Workshop 5

Final Reflection and Ceremony
This workshop will consist of a guided discussion for reflection on the topics covered in the workshops and implementation strategies for the learning outcomes.


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