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Short Term Disability

In recognition of the fact that employees may incur illness or injury that would require extended absence and to comply with New York State law, the University provides paid short-term disability leave to employees (except faculty) in cases of non-occupational illness or injury which extend beyond a fixed number of consecutive working days.

All non-union and public safety employees are eligible for this plan after four consecutive weeks of employment or twenty days of employment, and for four consecutive weeks after termination of employment. Union employees are covered under the applicable collective bargaining agreements.

A short-term disability exists when an employee is absent from work due to illness/injury and is under the care of a physician for a period of five consecutive working days or more. Employees shall be entitled to receive one-half salary for a maximum period of up to 26 weeks with proper medical evidence of such illness or injury.

Eligible employees will be paid full salary for the first five days that they were scheduled to be at work as sick time, if the employee has sick time available. As of the sixth consecutive day out we will pay ½ disability pay and we will supplement pay with any sick/personal time and any accrued vacation time that may be remaining. Once the employee time is exhausted we will pay ½ disability pay only.

The Office of Human Resources must be notified when you are absent more than five consecutive dates. We will then notify you to contact CIGNA to report the claim.

Advise CIGNA at 1.800.36.CIGNA (24462) that you are an Adelphi University employee. We will then send a Family Medical Leave letter to notify you that upon approval of the disability claim, the leave will be designated as a Family Medical Leave as well.

» Disability Statement of Rights (DB271) (PDF)


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