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Classification of Employees

Adelphi University classifies employees on the payroll of Adelphi University as full time, part time, hourly, temporary or student employees.

Full time Employee

The standard work week for full-time non-union employees is 40 hours per week; however, departments have also set departmental work weeks at 35 or 37.5 hours. Full-time employees are eligible for benefits provided by the University; however, the date of eligibility may vary depending upon the benefit. All full time employees are paid an annual salary on a bi weekly basis, except where otherwise designated. Exempt full-time employees are paid a fixed annual salary regardless of the number of hours worked. Exempt employees are generally defined as executive, administrative, managerial and professional personnel. Non-exempt employees are paid a salary and are eligible for overtime according to the University overtime policy

Part time Non-faculty Employee

This category includes individuals who regularly work up to 27 hours per week. Part time employees are eligible for some benefits if they are scheduled for and work 25 – 27 hours or more per week on a regular basis. These benefits are vacation, personal days, sick days, holidays and tuition remission. Part-time employees may be eligible to contribute to the 403(b) plan and may be eligible for a university match subject to the terms and conditions of the Plan. Part-time employees are paid bi-weekly based upon an annual salary and a fixed schedule of hours per week. Part-time employees are eligible for prorated vacation, holidays (if they fall on an employees designated work day), sick days and personal days.

Part-time Faculty Employees

This category includes all non-full time faculty members. Part-time faculty members can only teach nine credits per semester with a maximum of 16 credits in the fall and spring (combined) and a maximum of 21 credits per fiscal year (September 1 through August 31). Additionally, Part-time faculty cannot work more than 27 hours per week in all classifications/positions combined. For purposes of this policy, one credit hour equates to 3 hours of work per week. In other words, if a part-time faculty teaches 3 credits, it will equate to 9 hours of work per week.

Temporary Employees

This category includes employees hired with a planned limit, usually no more than 6 months, to his/her employment period, and must work 27 or less hours per week. Employees in this category are not eligible for benefits. Temporary employees are paid bi-weekly at an hourly rate of pay.

Hourly Employees

This category includes individuals who are paid on an hourly basis whose average weekly hours are less than 20 hours per week. Hourly employees are not eligible for benefits. Hourly employees are paid bi-weekly at an hourly rate of pay.

Student Employees (except graduate assistants)

A student employee is an Adelphi University student (whose employment may or may not be subsidized by federal work study funds depending upon the credit course load carried and other eligibility requirements) who is paid on an hourly basis. Student employees are not eligible for benefits and are paid bi-weekly at an hourly, or fixed, rate of pay. Student employees typically work less than 20 hours per week but cannot work more than 27 hours per week in all departments combined.

Graduate Assistants

Graduate assistantships are non-tenured, part-time academic appointments that are available through student employment in a variety of offices and departments including academic departments, research units, administrative offices, and service units. There are several types of Graduate Assistants: Teaching Assistant; Research Assistant; Administrative Graduate / Service Assistant; and Graduate Intern/Traineeship.

The maximum graduate assistant appointment is 20 hours per week. With special approval of the Provost’s Office, a student may instead hold multiple smaller fractional-time, appointments that do not accrue to more than 20 hours per week – this includes hours worked for all campus jobs combined including part-time faculty appointments. For additional information, see the Graduate Assistant Handbook.


Individuals working at the University whose services are obtained through outside agencies are paid by the agency and are not deemed to be employees of the University.

Procedure for Hiring:

A full-time, part-time or temporary employee may be hired if the position has approval from the Salary Review Committee. An hourly or student employee may be hired with budget approval. Recruitment and interviewing can only begin after coordination with the Office of Human Resources.

Only authorized full-time employees can work more than 27 hours per week. All other employees (student, hourly, part-time, RAs, etc…) are prohibited from working more than 27 hours per week in all positions and classifications combined.

Examples of Hours of Work:

  • A part-time faculty member who does not hold another position at Adelphi can only teach up to 9 credits per semester ( a maximum of 16 credits in the fall and spring semester and a maximum of 21 credits for the year) and cannot work as an hourly employee; A part-time faculty member who is teaching 6 credits (18 hours of work per week equivalent) and is also employed as an hourly can only work 9 hours per week as an hourly employee for a total of 27 hours per week maximum;
  • A Graduate Assistant who is required to work 15 hours per week for the assistantship and is employed as a part-time faculty member can only teach up to 4 credits (12 hour work per week equivalent) per semester for a 27 hour per week maximum;
  • A student employee who is also a Resident Assistant (RA) – 10 hours per week equivalency can only work up to 17 hours per week maximum as a student employee.
Non-full time employees may not work more than the 27 hour per week maximum. If a department requires a one-time exception to this policy they must request the exception in advance and be granted approval in writing from the Director of Employment, Employee & Labor Relations or the Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Labor Relations before working more than 27 hours in a week.

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