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Air Quality/Mold Testing

  1. Put in writing reason for the request via Facilities work order.
  2. Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator will receive a copy of the request; consult with Facilities staff about complaint;
  3. Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator will visually inspect area in question for physical evidence of concerns. If no physical evidence of a concern is present, the coordinator will perform an air temperature and humidity test to assist in determining whether the office environment would allow certain elements to occur and to recommend possible actions such as cleaning and/or mechanical solutions.
  4. Further air quality testing will only be done if there is physical evidence, odor or temperature/humidity conditions.
  5. A letter from a doctor will be required with specific allergens or medical concerns specified in order for air quality testing to be considered.
  6. Appeals of this determination and/or process can be made in writing to the Manager of Employment, Employee and Labor Relations.

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